In response to the coronavirus pandemic, the Writing Center will offer distance tutoring only until further notice. Some of the policies listed below have been adapted to account for this unique situation. Click here for detailed policies and procedures for distance tutoring. And be sure to review this information before your remote appointments. Thank you!

The Emory Writing Center offers 45-minute individual conferences. Our discussion- and workshop-based tutoring approach enables writers of all levels to see their writing with fresh eyes and to practice a variety of strategies for writing, revising, and editing. We encourage writers to schedule appointments in advance, as we can only take walk-ins on a limited basis.
Please bring a copy of your assignment instructions and a hard copy of your paper drafts to your appointment.
The Writing Center is continuing our distance tutoring program during the 2019-2020 academic year. Visit our policies page to learn more about distance tutoring.
The Writing Center uses an online appointment system called WCOnline. We have worked with developers to ensure that WCOnline is a user-friendly, robust sytem, customized specifically for the needs of Emory students. 
Click here for instructions on how to create and activate a new WCOnline account.


WCOnline Policies

Writers may have only one WCOnline account.  Multiple WCOnline accounts belonging to a single writer will be disabled.  If you forget your password, please reset it; do not create another account. Deliberate violation of this policy could result in disciplinary action. 
Writers may only make appointments using their own WCOnline account. Please do not use a friend’s WCOnline account to set an appointment. Please do not share your WCOnline password with anyone.
Writers are not allowed to have more than one appointment per day or two appointments per week. A walk-in appointment counts as one appointment. Writers who disregard this policy will receive one written warning and then will be blocked from making appointments for the rest of the semester.  Continued, deliberate violation of this policy could result in further disciplinary action.
Writers must use WCOnline to cancel their appointments at least one hour in advance.  Emailing the writing center, emailing your tutor, going to the writing center, or calling the writing center to ask someone to cancel your appointment for you are not acceptable cancellation methods.  If you do not show for your appointment and you fail to cancel that appointment one or more hours before the start time, you will be considered a "no-show" for that appointment.
No-shows.  Writers are responsible for canceling their own appointments.  If a writer fails to show up for a scheduled appointment and has not cancelled the appointment via WCOnline, he/she will be counted as a "no-show." Writers who are more than 10 minutes late for an appointment will also be counted as no-shows. If a writer is a no-show two times, he/she will automatically be blocked from making appointments for the rest of the semester (and for the first month of the following semester if the offense occurs near the end of the semester). This policy will be strictly enforced.
For a more thorough listing of all of Emory Writing Center’s policies, please visit our policies page.