Mariah Doze

Mariah Doze
Your name: Mariah Dozé

Your home town: St. Louis, MO

Your major(s): Sociology & African American studies

Are you fluent in any language(s) other than English? Conversational in Spanish

What are your career plans?
I plan to attend law school and, upon graduation, practice civil rights, criminal justice, and/or human rights law.

What is your favorite book or author and why?  My favorite book is Cherish Me by Joyce Carol Thomas. My mom used to read this book to me when I was a small child, and now she reads it to my youngest sister. To me, the best books are the ones that have the fondest memories associated with them.

What is your favorite word?
My favorite word is an encouraging one.

Describe (in a short paragraph) a significant breakthrough in your development as a writer.
Growing up, I never thought that I was a particularly good writer. All I knew was that I loved writing. However, in fourth grade I had a breakthrough. My teacher had given the class a writing assignment. I remember enjoying the assignment so much! I turned what was supposed to be a short story into a ten-page mini novel. I just couldn’t put my pen down! When I was finished, I turned in my assignment and thought nothing of it. A couple hours later, my teacher walked up to me and told me how great my paper was. She took it to other classes and showed the teachers. She said, “You’re a good writer.” That was all it took. I began to take myself more seriously, not only as a writer, but as a student and as a human being. As a writing tutor this year, I hope I can encourage writers to have confidence in their writing abilities, just like my fourth-grade teacher did for me!