Bobby Wilson


Your name: Bobby Wilson

Your home town: Haworth, New Jersey

Your major(s): Business & German

Are you fluent in any language(s) other than English? Spanish and German

What are your career plans? I would like to work in healthcare administration.

What is your favorite book or author and why? One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest by Ken Kesey because it reveals so much about American historical events and societal attitudes while telling a captivating story. I also enjoyed the book’s symbolism as well as its ending that could be interpreted as both happy and sad.

What is your favorite word? prognosticate

Describe a significant breakthrough in your development as a writer: 

When the college-application process thrust a heap of essay prompts my way, I realized that much of how I was taught to write was, in fact, wrong. In school, teachers would stress compliance to a set of rules for writing that I now found arbitrary. These supposed trusty do’s and don’ts trained us to overuse flowery adjectives, strive to reach and even exceed page limits, and follow a cookie-cutter formula to construct a strictly-five-paragraph essay, as well as never to start a sentence with “but,” ask a question in an essay, or use personal pronouns in formal writing. While helpful as guidelines to a budding writer, these “rules” became stifling when it was time to write my college essays. So I learned to bend or abandon them altogether in order to craft interesting and, more importantly, authentic essays. This discovery of writing as an art rather than a science proved pivotal in my development as an effective writer.