Amy Bower

Amy Bower

Your name: Amy Bower

Your home town: Wildwood, Missouri

Your major(s): Comparative Literature and Creative Writing

Are you fluent in any language(s) other than English? Working on French

What are your career plans?  I plan on pursuing a career as an English professor.

What is your favorite book or author and why?  I'll read pretty much anything I can get my hands on, but my favorite author is Charlotte Bronte.

What is your favorite word? palimpsest

Describe a significant breakthrough in your development as a writer:  Several years ago, I read Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott. The book taught me how important revision is in the writing process. It was reassuring to know that first drafts do not have to be perfect and in fact, a messy first draft can be a good thing. My writing began to improve immensely as I starting dedicating more time to the revision process rather than stressing over getting everything perfect the first time. But most importantly, ¿Bird by Bird taught me that it's normal to feel insecure about your writing, but you can't let those insecurities hinder the writing process.